Mosait : create photo mosaics with free and open source software (GPL)

Mosait : a free software (open source) photo mosaic creator


Mosait is a free and open source Photo mosaic creator. From a database of pictures, Mosait transforms a photo to a mosaic. It is released under GPL licence. It has been designed by Tangui Morlier.

How to run mosait

To be able to create your own mosaic, you have to build an image database with the following command:

mosait -c images/ -o images.db

To create a mosait from src_image.jpg, here is the command:

mosait -d images.db -i src_image.jpg -o my_mosaic.jpg

Interactive mode and optimization is provided


The lastest version is 0.4.1 : mosait-0.4.1.tgz

This version corrects the following bugs :

Thanks to David Hruska, Bread Dawson, Bob Story, Markus Demleitner and Ivan Chen for their bug reports.


You can as well clone the git repository from

How to compile

Mosait has been developped under GNU/Linux. It uses freeimageplus library.

To compile it: